Genie Fingerprint Cabinet Lock

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  • $140.00


  • Smart and keyless, fingerprint or code to control 
  • Setting and updating passwords of 1 to 10 digits
  • Fingerprint Access (max to 20)
  • Motorized mechanism automatically 
  • Advanced biometric technology more responsive and sensitive
  • Low battery warning, micro usb for low battery 
  • Widely used in cabinet, drawer, wardrobe, locker etc




( W x H x D mm)

30 x 16 x 114

Tips to prolong the life span of your digital lock:

  1. Use only ALKALINE batteries (recommended to purchase Energizer brand from local supermarket.)
  2. Do not use rechargeable batteries or mix new batteries with used batteries
  3. Change batteries every 6 months to prevent batteries leakage, warranty will be void due to battery leakage.
  4. Install door closer to prevent your door from slamming, as warranty will be void

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