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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Lock FAQ

A digital door lock is an electronic lock that is operated by alkaline batteries and it can be open with your Fingerprint (biometric), Pin Code, RFID Card and emergency key (mechanical key).

* Emergency key is only available to certain model of locks only

Digital door lock brings you convenient and gives a high security not only to you and your family members but also to your office staffs. It is also high in demand in this Technology generation.

Do not need to stress yourself of losing, forgetting, someone picking up the keys or the keys has been duplicated by anyone.

You will have the full access to your digital door lock whereby you are able to Add, Remove or Change the user settings on the digital lock.

Most of our digital locks are suitable for any door types. If you’re unsure, you can take a picture of your door lock cross-section and email us. Our service team will get back to you and advice on the types of digital door lock which is suitable for your Home/Office

It takes about One hour to Two hours depending on the model and owner needs to be home.

Up to 20 fingerprints can be registered on the same lock

The digital lock operates standalone on batteries itself therefore a power failure will not affect.

Use only ALKALINE batteries (recommended to purchase Energizer brand from local supermarket.)

Do not use rechargeable batteries or mix new batteries with used batteries

Change batteries every 4 to 6 months (depending on the usage) to prevent batteries leakage, warranty will be void due to battery leakage

When you start hearing a low battery warning sound and the indicator light will start to blink in red.

Open the back cover of the battery compartment and replace all the batteries at the same time.

You can either use the mechanical override key or us a 9-Volt battery/Power bank to charge the digital door lock at the 9-Volt contact/USB port. Hereafter you will be able to use your Password or Card to enter.

Once able to enter change to new sets of battery immediately.

No. The password and fingerprints/ cards are recorded in an onboard memory chip, so the storage is permanent, and the registered information cannot be deleted unless you change the password or reset the system.

Reset is basically rebooting the digital lock.

The deleted fingerprints and cards will no longer be used to open the gate/door

It may be due to sweat, oil or dirt on your biometric sensor/finger, please try using a cloth to clean your fingers and digital door lock before trying it again. We recommend you, register your fingerprint at different positions and register your other fingerprints as well.

All our products have 2 years local warranty.


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You may call us @ 6100 1788

Email us at:

  • (We would advise you to send us a video of your lock issue to help us rectify the problem quickly)


AirKey is easy to install.

A special tool is required for installation and removal. It is designed so the outside thumb turn cannot be removed by unauthorised persons.

Please register once in AirKey online administration. Then simply use your login to access the online administration.

Internet access and a browser are enough to set up and manage your locking system online.

The AirKey app is available from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

  • All transferred data is secured as end-to-end data, as per cutting-edge encryption standards. Your data is protected from decryption between the EVVA high security server and the AirKey cylinder.
  • The use of certified, secure elements – highly secure memory elements that actively encrypt and decrypt – in the cylinders and in identification media makes AirKey the new security benchmark for electronic locking systems.
  • An event log for access events ensures seamless transparency.
  • The outside thumb turn is additionally equipped with drilling protection, plug pulling protection and a rotary damper.

AirKey already meets the strict data protection guidelines of the EU data protection directive. AirKey was developed as one of the most data-protection-friendly access systems on the market together with certified data protection expert Dr Christof Tschohl. You as users individually decide which data you would like to save for how long.

The battery lasts for up to 30,000 locking cycles (depending on the ambient conditions). The cylinder flashes red if the batteries are low. Please change the battery now. If you use a smartphone to unlock the component, the battery status is also indicated in the online administration and saved as a maintenance task. If you prefer to rely on an emergency power device to also supply your cylinder with power once the battery has died, your we will be able to provide you with one.

Charge your smartphone as quickly as possible. We recommend you nevertheless always carry an identification medium with you in addition to your smartphone, be it a chip on your key ring or an AirKey card.

You can immediately delete any access authorisations you have granted in the event that the smartphone is lost. You can immediately authorise an alternative smartphone.

We recommend you immediately block this identification medium in the online administration and transfer this information (blacklist) to your cylinder using your smartphone. You are not on site? Each smartphone with maintenance authorisation to your locking system can also transfer this security information to your cylinder (without operating the component in the process).

You require KeyCredits to create and change unlocking authorisations (keys). Operation itself does not require additional KeyCredits and is thus free of charge.

  • AirKey is compatible with Android smartphones and iPhones
    NFC (Android > 4.0) | Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) – Android higher than 6.0 and higher than or equal to iPhone6 iOS 10
  • Smartphone Checker

NFC and Bluetooth feature identical security standards. You yourself decide which technology to use with your Android smartphone. With iPhones you can use Bluetooth only.

  • Check whether or not your component features Bluetooth. For this purpose, open the EVVA logo, there should be a red sticker underneath it. If the sticker is white, you need to update the component (hardware). 

With cylinders it is necessary to replace the electronic outside thumb turn and with wall readers you must replace the glass panel. This can be done within a matter of minutes. For this purpose, use the exchange option in the online administration.